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QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

Primary Keyword: QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

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QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting: A Way of Making Accounting More Productive


An average employee is productive for only two hours and fifty-three minutes in a day, according to statistics. This can be the reason why employers look for ways to increase employee engagement at work which tends to increase productivity. Another possible way to make your workforce more productive is by adopting advanced technologies, one of which is the cloud.

For an enterprise, QuickBooks Enterprise is a powerful business software that comes with advanced features of inventory management, customizable reporting, job costing, pricing controls, and more. If you have been using QuickBooks Enterprise desktop software for a while now, you must have witnessed the modifications/improvements in its annual upgrade. Besides upgrading the software to its latest variant, you can add more strength to its capabilities with QuickBooks Enterprise hosting.

If accounting is synonymous with QuickBooks, then productivity related to accounting tasks is synonymous with hosted QuickBooks Enterprise. So, what makes it suitable for your business, and how to get started? Here’s a complete guide to switching to QuickBooks Enterprise hosting.

Why Switch to QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud?

Starting with ‘Why’ makes sense in almost every sphere of life and business. Let’s understand it better with an analogy –

A fisherman living in a village sells the best quality tuna that is not generally available anywhere. While he has made way for a constant supply of fresh tuna for sale, the demand is limited in his village. Also, he does not have any personal conveyance using which he could sell more around in the nearby villages. He then came into contact with a bullock cart owner who transports raw material to the nearby villages every day and asked him for help to take him to the villages around and sell more tunas.

As you can see here, a combination of two resources and capabilities paved the way for greater success. The same holds true for QuickBooks Enterprise desktop software when it is to be powered with cloud technology. While you can cater to several accounting tasks with this on-premise software, you can work more and increase productivity by hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is no less than an ideal cloud solution for small and medium businesses for a few key reasons:

You have more clients waiting to hire you

Often the lack of collaboration between team members and involvement of redundant tasks takes significant time and effort. As a result, you could do less even when you have several professionals hired in your team.

QuickBooks Enterprise cloud helps in eliminating redundant tasks as multiple team members can access the same QB file simultaneously. The real-time changes made in these files ultimately allow them to get the work done in less time, thereby allowing you to serve more clients in less time.

You know well about the budget constraints

Upgrading all the local IT setup and computer systems in terms of computing resources can take a toll on the financial health of your business. If you are currently running it at a small scale, significant IT investments might not be on your cards for the recent future. Still, you would want to benefit from the best cloud solutions without investing a huge amount upfront.

Cloud-hosted QuickBooks Enterprise allows you to focus on the core business without worrying about the cost elements. Simply select a suitable hosting plan and pay for the resources you use without any upfront investments.

You need to amp up data security measures

The more clients you serve, the more confidential data you might receive for your perusal. About the accounting and financial information of different businesses, those clients trust you to protect their data. This is why you need to ensure the security of data at all costs.

QuickBooks hosting makes it easier for you to manage the security side of your client’s side. The chosen cloud provider will take care of various security measures for complete protection.

How to Get Started with Migrating QuickBooks Enterprise to the Cloud?

Assess your business needs

First and foremost, assess the current needs that make you feel the need to switch from local-hosted to cloud-hosted QuickBooks software. Is the lack of remote software access that often makes you feel frustrated? Or is it about the loss of data that had once caused significant financial damages? \

These days, you can easily find several cloud solution providers available, each with some unique service highlights that are better than the rest. Knowing your needs and major concerns will help you understand what matters to your business the most. As a result, you can trim the list of cloud service providers considerably.

Compare QuickBooks hosting providers for the best features

Once you have a list of renowned QuickBooks Enterprise hosting providers with you, it’s time to further reduce it with the help of a benefits comparison table. This can take the following shape in general:

BenefitsCloud Provider 1Cloud Provider 2Cloud Provider 3
Benefit 1X
Benefit 2X
Benefit 3XX
Benefit 4XX

By creating a table like this, you will get a better idea of the service quality of different cloud hosting providers. If there were 10 options in your previous list, it will reduce them further to just two or three.

Opt for a free trial for cloud hosting

Most renowned cloud solution providers believe that it is important to develop trust in their client’s mind before offering a personalized premium hosting plan. This is the reason why they offer a free trial period during which you can experience what it takes to work on cloud-hosted QuickBooks. The exact duration of this free trial period may vary from one solution provider to another. Also, there is no need to sign any contract or use your credit card to avail of this trial.

Simply visit the cloud solution provider of your choice, look at the range of cloud solutions offered, and ask for a free trial!

Select a suitable QuickBooks Enterprise hosting plan

By this step, you have already understood the perks of using cloud-backed QuickBooks Enterprise and have also experienced the same via the free trial. Now, it is time to weigh in on the business needs a little more as you compare different hosting plans. Here, the comparison will be two-fold:

  • Comparison of multiple cloud hosting plans offered by one solution provider
  • Comparison of hosting plans offered by one cloud provider with that of the other

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting the best plan for hosted QuickBooks Enterprise. Pricing, features, benefits, business needs – take a comprehensive assessment before making any final decision.

Upgrade hosting plan when needed

Once you have hosted QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, this does not mean you need to stick to the same hosting plan even if the business requirements change. QuickBooks hosting solutions are quite flexible in nature and you can easily upgrade or downgrade them based on the business dynamics.

For example, if you have selected the Essentials hosting plan offered by Ace Cloud Hosting, you can switch to the higher Business plan as your business grows and pay for it accordingly.


Running a productive business is all about ensuring that every side of it – be it accounting, payroll, or operations, is maintaining productivity levels on individual levels. QuickBooks Enterprise hosting helps a lot in making this happen.

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