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Best Experience Ever – Desert Safari Dubai

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The desert of Dubai is an unspoiled area in which the old-fashioned charm is well-preserved. In reality, this particular region of the country is an integral element of the intriguing Emirates tradition, culture and heritage. There’s no better way for you to soak up its endless beauty and quiet than by going on an adventure of desert Safari at Dubai. Find out more about this off-road trip which promises a refreshing escape from the bustle that is modern Dubai.

Desert safaris in various forms

Morning desert safari

Everyone love a sunrise right? In the Middle East, it is breathtaking. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the stunning desert views of dawn and get an abundance of excitement and fun (whether you go on a dune-bashing adventure or a trip on camel ride, a quad biking session and so on). Enjoy an adventure at Morning desert Safari in Dubai for an intimate view of the sun’s rays scattered across the sprawling and rolling sand dunes.

Evening desert safari

Evening desert safaris offer the same activities as the morning, but with an entire barbecue dinner that is cooked to perfection, as well as cultural experiences like falconry, henna and henna shows, smoking the sheesha (hookah) as well as traditional Emirati cultural performances (like Arabian belly dancers and Tanoura dance shows). You’ll also be taking in all this while enjoying the breathtaking desert landscape saturated with the golden orange-pink hues of the sunset sun.

Overnight desert safari

Enjoy the splendor and beauty of Dubai’s desert in the evening. You can participate in a variety of activities inspired by the desert as well as savor delicious food, take in traditional shows and enjoy an unforgettable night under the shade that is the Arabian desert sky. The most important thing is that this type of trip gives you the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking panorama of the sunset and sunrise in the desert.

A desert dinner

If you’d like to be able to feel the pure beauty of Dubai’s desert but stay far from the anxiety-inducing adventure opportunities that come with the standard Desert safari, then this package is perfect for you. It lets you not only indulge in a lavish BBQ meal amid the desert, but take part in a variety of activities that pay homage to the region’s ancient Bedouin tradition and culture.

Red dune safari

Are you looking to experience a new type or desert experience in Dubai? Consider a red dune tour that will take your deep in the desert towards the burning dust dunes in the Lahbab region. The area is brimming with natural beauty. The whole experience is an enthralling painting that is that is bursting into life.

What is an average Desert safari?

Desert safaris are an amazing mixture of heart-stopping adventure activities as well as authentic cultural experiences and mouth-watering cuisines. Based on the desert safari you choose You can anticipate to be able to include these things on your most anticipated desert safari.

Blasting the Dune

It’s the most thrilling aspect of the desert safari. You’ll be driving through the untrodden trails of the dunes on an incredibly powerful 4×4 vehicle such as the Hummer or Land Cruiser. You’ll feel the rush of adrenaline while this trip takes you through the golden sands with exhilarating speed. This sessions usually up to 45 minutes or an hour. Remember that dune-bashing can be stomach-aching and anxious, so be prepared for a thrilling adventure!

Camel rides

If you want to experience a different way to take in the beauty of the desert, get onto the back of a camel as you travel through the dunes. This twitchy, yet thrilling journey lets you experience how early colonists and the ancient Bedouins were able to navigate this part of the Arabian Desert.

Sandboarding and quad biking

If you’re in search of more thrilling ways to explore Dubai’s desert sands, then you could opt to ride the dunes on the easy-to-manipulate quad bike that is perfect for those who are fresh to the sport. Make sure you’re older than 16 and aren’t suffering from any illness that prevents you from participating in this arduous adventure.

You can also make sandboards. Check your balance while you attempt to remain upright while you glide across the huge dunes of sand. All you need to do is strap your feet onto a sturdy board then let the sands take down!

Go to an Bedouin camp

Enjoy the traditional Emirati hospitality and traditional greeting in a relaxed atmosphere, set with low-lying seats. It’s so comfy that you could find yourself sitting for hours while you eat your delicious barbecue dinner.

Experiences from culture

At every desert safari an array of cultural activities are waiting for your guests in the campsite! From tattooing henna and shisha smoking, to falconry, and photos dressed in traditional Arabian costume, the range is long and intriguing and provides a glimpse of the long Bedouin time.

Traditional barbecue dinner

In the evenings and on overnight desert safaris, you can prepare for a meal. What you’ll find on your menu will depend on the caliber of the service you’re getting from. Whatever you’re served is just to make you feel full and better!

Local entertainment

Amazing fire shows, thrilling belly dancing and dazzlingly complex tanoura shows enhance the excitement of a night safari in the desert. Make sure you sit back and relax and soak the entire experience. They’re fun!

The desert in which you camp

It’s the highlight of any overnight desert adventure! The camping equipment is provided (tents and sleeping bags and pillows) and unlimited beverages. The goal is to have fun camping in the wilderness and sleeping in the sky filled with stars. This is an unforgettable experience that should not be missed particularly if you have enough time.

What is the best way to pick the best desert safari?

  • Before booking an excursion to the desert, make sure to take into consideration certain factors including your budget, the inclusions and the exact times of the day at which you’d like to go in the desert.
  • Take a look at a morning safari in case you’re running out of time or have a night safari, while evening as well as overnight desert safaris can be suitable for returning visitors or those who love to go on adventures.
  • It is important to know that desert safaris differ in terms of price. The prices you pay for reflect the activities on safari and the type of vehicle you choose as well as additional services including private or shared ride transfers between and within the desert.
  • Make sure you choose a reliable service provider to take you on the long-awaited desert trip. Rayna Tours and Platinum Heritage Tours are two of my favorites to organize value-packed and smooth desert safaris.

Best desert safari tips

  • Book your safari in advance and search for discounts on the internet.
  • When you purchase an adventure package for the desert Don’t be afraid to ask the details of what’s included (and precisely the things that aren’t included).
  • Make sure you choose an organized desert safari which includes round-trip transfers to ensure that you take this trip without worry.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. You should have a wrap or something else to secure your shoulders. Add comfortable sneakers, sunglasses and the perfect cap.
  • Wear layers of clothing when you are planning to visit in winter. It could get extremely cold in the evening!
  • Also, ensure that the menu includes vegetarian and nonvegetarian food in case this is what you want.

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