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How To Dress Nice & Look Stylish – Your 6 Step Checklis

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Have you been staring at your wardrobe every other day, thinking what to wear that could make you look nice? Aren’t you fed up of wasting your time and getting late to work, every morning, just because you are deciding what to wear?

Well, if this is the case, then you are in for a treat. With all the other decisions to make during the day, spending time and energy on the idea of what to wear can be exhausting. One shouldn’t put too much effort in thinking how to dress nicely for work, or how to look stylish for the day. 

Picking out the outfit for the day must be something exciting and fun, rather than a burden on mind. Your outfit can basically shape out your entire day for you, and you wouldn’t want that to turn out wrong, now would you?

In this article, we will be listing a 6 step checklist, that’ll help you in deciding what to wear and how you can look nice and pretty for the day ahead. Read on.

Make sure the dress fits perfectly

The most important thing is to make sure that the dress fits. The fitting of your attire seems petite, and having very little importance, but it is the most important guideline to consider for a good looking outfit. Leaving your home, wearing clothes that are too large or too small for you, can literally ruin your entire look. Unless you are wearing oversized clothes intentionally, for instance, your boyfriend’s sweatshirt or an oversized hoodie, the fitting of your clothes matters the most. 

To look nice and sophisticated, your dress must not be very tight, that could highlight your curves, but at the same time, shouldn’t be very baggy, that it seems like borrowed. Maintain a balance and get your clothes in perfect fitting, to look pretty and nice for the day. 

Choose the colors that compliment you

Choosing the right color to wear is quite a task, but it is just as important as any other guideline for looking nice and pretty. Colors can speak for your mood. For instance, if you’re feeling bold and confident, you can pull-off colors such as red, royal blue and maroon. But, if you’re feeling low, go with colors such as pastel green, peach or lavender. 

Colors such as black and brown are versatile and can bring out the best of you. When in doubt, just drop down everything, and wear black. To enhance your mood, you can always choose colors that are fun, along with fancy accessories, that’ll definitely boost up your mood for the day. 

Pick out the accessories smartly

To look all nice, pretty and stylish, after choosing the right outfit, you need to pick out the accessories smartly. Accessories can enhance your look with grace and elegance. It doesn’t have to be bold and statement pieces of jewelry; it can be simple round pearl studs with a basic chain necklace that sits on your collar bone. 

If you’re looking for some bold looks, then oversized necklaces with large hoop earrings can do the work. To be precise, always pick out accessories that match with your outfit. 

Make simple upgrades

Every now and then, it is smart to invest in items that you cannot buy every time you go out to shop. For example, invest in a good leather coat, in a versatile color such as brown, black or camel color, that you can easily find on a Ted Lasso Sweater. Or, grab onto a good pair of boots or a handbag, maybe in some neutral color so that it can go along with all your basic outfits. 

You can pair up these upgrades with your everyday outfits and make a statement appearance at work or even amongst friends and family. 

Don’t settle for a ‘Just Okay’ outfit

To make sure that you look pretty and nice for the day ahead, never settle down for a just okay outfit. The tip is, to never buy stuff that you aren’t sure about. Do not get yourself that pair of jeans that looks just okay, but are on sale. Because if it doesn’t boost up your look and doesn’t lift up your confidence, then it’s just a waste of money. 

Let your outfit empower you

Basically, your outfit has the audacity to either empower you, or bring you down. Let your outfit speak for you, and give out a bold and confident impression to the ones watching. First impressions always matter, and to be honest, are always kept in mind. 

So, keep in mind where you are heading to, and dress up accordingly. Let your outfit give out the vibe that you want people to have about you. 


We believe that the above-mentioned 6 step checklist must’ve been exactly what you were looking for. Style up yourself by staying in your comfort zone, and see how amazingly the crowd admires you. Be yourself, be confident and look pretty!

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