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Consider Five Key Things Before You Buy Leather Jacket

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What is your wardrobe if you don’t own a leather jacket? It’s void. 

Leather jackets are the staple wardrobe pieces for both men and women. The style and attitude that it comes along with, is uncanny. Bape Hoodie is not just another piece of apparel that you buy, it’s an investment that you make. An investment that could outlive you, if taken good care of. 

Leather jackets are best known for their versatility, durability and style. When it comes to buying a leather jackets, there are several questions that just pop into your minds right away. What leather skin to go with? What should the lining be? Which style should I go with? What color do I want? And many, many more. 

In this article, we will be listing five key things that you need to consider before buying a leather jackets. So, dig in.

The type of leather

The most important thing to consider before starting the buying process, you must know the type of leather that you want. Leather jackets are constructed from either genuine animal hides, which are known as genuine/real leather jackets, or from synthetic materials, which are said to be faux/synthetic.

There are several animal hides that are used in constructing leather jackets, such as cowhide, lambskin, sheepskin, horsehide, etc. Each skin has different characteristics and properties. For instance, cowhide is known to be durable and sturdy, whereas lambskin is super soft and silky, and long-lasting as well. But, lambskin is quite expensive, and cowhide is cheaper. 

The inner lining

The inner lining of a leather jacket matters the most. Linings add warmth, insulation and weight to the leather jacket, which somehow has an overall impact on the comfort that it offers. Soft and durable lining fabric offers to keep the skin of the leather jacket protected from abrasions and scratches. The inner lining must be quilted to offer warmth and comfort. The quilted inner lining holds the shape of the jacket and makes sure to provide durability.

The leather jacket style

Available in various styles, each with different design, stitching and detailing. Thus, before buying a leather jackets, you need to know which style will suit you better. Styles that are most trending, are bomber jackets, biker jackets, café racer jackets and flight jackets.

Biker jackets are the most iconic ones that you can grab onto. Such jackets can never go out of style. It is usually constructed from genuine cowhide leather, and is thus durable and protective. It is mainly worn by bikers and riders, who have a tough journey ahead, with a mix-up of rain and dust. The jacket is accessorized with zippers, buckles and studs. Next, bomber jacket is the most common and popular one. It was the very first jacket introduced for military pilots back in the early 1900s. It features a simple collar, with a front zipper closure and a relaxed fit.

The perfect fitting

No matter how expensive and chic your leather jackets is, if the fitting isn’t perfect, it’s a failure. A leather jacket with the perfect fit is just what you need to have. Never, settle for a leather jacket that is slightly tight, short or even larger for you. How would you feel, wearing a baggy leather jacket and being asked if you’ve borrowed it from someone larger than you? That wouldn’t be nice, now would it? 

To make sure that a leather jacket fits you perfectly, make sure that the length of the sleeves must end up at your wrist, the shoulders stitch must be in-line with your shoulders and the length of the jacket must be up till your waistline, not longer. 

The stitching and hardware

The stitching of your leather jacket is just as important as the leather skin. Good stitching and craftsmanship ensure the durability and sturdiness of the leather jacket. Every detail on your leather jacket must be on point, otherwise, it may reflect that it’s cheap and ordinary. The stitching on the seams, panels and joints must be perfect, with no loose or excess threading. Also, the hardware and embellishments on your leather jacket speak for the quality of it. The zippers, studs, buttons and buckles must not be of cheap quality, otherwise, they’ll corrode soon and ruin the look of your leather jacket. The zippers, snaps and buttons must be smooth to operate. 


A good quality leather jacket might be hard to find, but once you do, it’s going to be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Leather jacket is an ultimate package of attitude, masculinity and legacy. Choose your leather jacket wisely, because it’s an asset that you’re investing in. Good-luck. 

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