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How To Easily And Safely Get Wrinkles Out-Of Leather Jackets

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Leather is a luxurious and durable material that is used in the making of clothing, furniture, footwear and accessories. Wrinkles Out Of Leather constructed from genuine animal hides have been trending in the fashion line for more than decades now.

As durable and sturdy leather is, it is quite vulnerable at the same time. If not taken good care of leather goods, wrinkles can easily form on the surface of the material, and that is bothersome to many. Of course, who would want to have a wrinkled leather couch in their lounge? Or, who would want to wear a crumbled and wrinkled leather jacket to a formal gathering with office colleagues? 

Without proper care, you can ruin your leather goods, especially your leather jacket very easily. It can end up with wrinkles, scratches and distress. There are several types of wrinkles that can be formed on your leather jacket; some of them can be easily straightened out, whereas some might need your energy and time, and some, well, they just can’t be treated. 

In this article, we will be listing some easy and safe methods to get wrinkles out of leather. But if your leather jacket has untreatable wrinkles, then it’s better to invest in a new one. And there’s no other place than Star Lord Jacket, where you can find the best leather jackets. 

So, let’s dig in, and go through the ways that’ll help us in getting wrinkles out of leather easily and safely.

Use quality hanger and pull

Your leather jacket can easily get wrinkles, if it is not stored in a proper way, or is sitting out on the chair for a long time. To treat the damage that the leather jacket has been through, you can try the basic hanging and pulling method. 

All you need is a hanger appropriate for the leather jacket. Try hanging up the leather jacket on the hanger on any hook or on a beam in your closet. Make sure the hanger has wide shoulders, so that it can hold onto the stress that the jacket will have to bear whilst pulling. Now, gently pull the jacket downwards until the wrinkles relax. Grab the material from top to bottom, and pull gently for around three to five seconds. Do not pull a particular portion for too long.

Use a hand steamer

A hand steamer or an upright steamer can be quite useful in removing the wrinkles from leather jackets.

All you need is a hand steamer. Set it on medium low setting, and let it heat fully. Now, hang your leather vertically and use the steamer to relax the wrinkles. Make sure to use the steamer on both, outside and inside. If the wrinkles aren’t disappearing, try pulling the surface downwards to relax them further. Do not apply too much steam on one portion of the leather jacket, as it can damage it badly. 

  1. Use shower steam

To relax the wrinkles on your leather jacket, you can use shower steam as well. It will naturally loosen up the material of the jacket, and later, you can simply pull the fabric and get rid of the wrinkles. 

All you need is to hang your leather jacket on a towel rack or a door knob in the bathroom. Turn on hot water in the shower. The water must be warm enough to build up steam in the bathroom. Close the door and let the steam gather up all inside the bathroom. Leave the jacket hanging in the steam. The longer the jacket will sit in the steam, the better the wrinkles will be gone. Do not let the entire steam vanish from the bathroom, because that will make it difficult to remove the wrinkles. Once the jacket is steamed, lay it on a flat surface, and pull on the surface to relax the muscles. 

Use an iron

Though leather must not be ironed, you can use a layering cover on the material before placing the iron. 

All you need is a brown paper or a 100% cotton cloth to place on the surface of the leather jacket. Heat up your iron and place it on the cotton cloth/brown paper gently. Iron the leather jacket quickly and do not move the iron on the jacket.


Leather is durable, sturdy and very decent looking. A good leather jacket is quite expensive, and you cannot afford to invest in a new one anytime soon. Thus, taking good care of your leather jacket is the best thing to do. Regardless of care, if the jacket gets wrinkled or distressed, you can always use the above-mentioned easy and safe methods to make it just as new. We hope this article has been a help to you. 

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