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Are refurbished laptops worth or trust, why are they cheap?

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Is it good to buy refurbished laptops?

Who among us doesn’t want to know if it is good to buy refurbished laptops and who among us doesn’t want to discover the truth behind this solution, which is one of the most widespread solutions today to allow all people, whether they have a large or limited budget, to buy the best devices at affordable prices.

And because of the importance of this topic, we will help you make the right decision by mentioning everything you need to know about laptop.

Is it worth it to buy refurbished laptop

we cannot answer the question “worth it to buy refurbished laptop” inevitably because it depends on several factors, some of which we will mention later, but we will now mention the pros and cons of buying refurbished laptop:


  • Purchasing refurbished laptops helps protect the environment by reusing the same computers and thus reducing pollution from throwing and disposing of them.
  • Buying refurbished laptops reduces the purchase of new computers which helps protect the environment as well.
  • Refurbished laptops are as fast as new ones because they are updated before they are sold.
  • Refurbished laptops give you the opportunity to get high-quality computers for affordable prices and cheaper than new ones.


  • The exterior of some refurbished laptops can remain unclean even after repair.
  • Some of these computers may contain non-genuine spare parts due to their unavailability in the market or due to the dishonesty of the person performing the repair.
  • Most lap do not come with a warranty and if they come with a warranty this warranty will be for a short time.

Therefore, it is better to buy these laptops with a 30-day warranty like buying from DOKAN Store for used electronics

The answer is Yes!

There are many reasons why the refurbished laptop is so cheap and we will mention below some of these reasons:

  • Being at least six months older than the latest computer version.
  • They have a replacement non-native battery or an original but short-lived battery.
  • The exterior of these computers may be unclean, that is, it may contain scratches that cannot be completely hidden.
  • The most important reason is that it is used by someone else, even if the period of use is very short and, even if the period of use is limited to opening the device case and trying it once.

Should you trust refurbished laptops

We mentioned earlier that we will talk about some factors that determine whether Should you trust refurbished laptops and buy them, now it’s time for that.

Buying any type of refurbished devices, whether mobile phones, laptops or others, requires a lot of caution, careful thought and focus before making the purchase process, because this type of purchases does not resemble the usual type, that is, does not resemble the purchase of new guaranteed devices and may result in many repercussions.

Therefore, in order to ensure that you get the desired purchase result, to ensure that the purchase is as you think, and to trust that your choice to buy the refurbished laptop is best for you:

  • You have to choose a used electronics store that provides such services carefully, that is, you should research them and their authenticity and read people’s reviews about them, and if they praise them and encourage dealing with them or not.
  • You have to choose carefully the type of laptop. That is meant to pay attention to the year of manufacture in order to ensure that it is modern enough to receive as much update as possible for a long period of time.
  • You have to stay away from suspicious companies with bad reputation even if they offer the best deals.
  • You have to look for companies that offer warranty with the refurbished device.

Are refurbished apple laptops worth it

Is it good to buy refurbished laptops from apple?

  • Apple’s refurbished laptop is as good as the new laptop
  • You can save between 10% and 50% when you buy a refurbished laptop from Apple.
  • Apple is keen to make its refurbished products, including laptops, in the best condition and is making a lot of effort to fix them and to make them similar to new devices in form and functionality.
  • One of the few drawbacks you may face when you want to buy a refurbished laptop from Apple is that there are not many options, that is, you can only buy from the available laptops and models.

Consider what we mentioned earlier when you think of buying a refurbished laptop and remember that the main thing that should ultimately affect your choice is your needs.

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