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10 Best Places to Visit in California

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Plan your trips to “The Golden State” with our top list of destinations to visit in California. It is said that the Golden State gets its name because of reasons. California’s varied cultural and geographic attractions, vibrant cities, and highly acclaimed culinary scene are the best for tourists. If you’re walking the trails of the state’s beautiful parks, sipping some sparkling wine in northern valleys, or enjoying a relaxing stroll along the sun-kissed beaches in the south, California is truly a spectacle to behold.Moreover, if you are planning to go to california but your plans are dizzy and you are worried about how to cancel your flight then you don’t need to panic. Southwest cancellation policy will help you out. Now, the following is the list where you can go and have fun with your loved ones. 

San Francisco Bay Area

Among the world’s most photographed and famous cities around the globe, San Francisco is renowned for its beautiful scenery and iconic landmarks, as well as its open, welcoming culture. It is located on a peninsula that has the stunning San Francisco Bay on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. It is among the top tourist destinations in the state. spots. Museums and theatres of the highest quality are located around Union Square, while Fisherman’s Wharf is the most popular tourist spot in the entire city. It is also home to Pier 39 which offers excellent dining, shopping, and entertainment options as well as sunbathing with seals and views of the bay.

Lake Tahoe

The most famous attractions of Lake Tahoe include state parks that offer beautiful beaches and views of the lake. To enjoy the beautiful alpine landscape the visitors can select among the many amazing hiking trails within South Lake Tahoe. South Lake Tahoe area. A few of the most beautiful camping areas are also located in South Lake Tahoe. If you want to enjoy the stunning views of the lake, travelers should head to Emerald Bay State Park, the serene beaches and forests that are part of D. L. Bliss State Park as well as the densely wooded Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park. These parks also have clean trails for nature and beautiful places for picnicking.

In the summer months, Lake Tahoe is a well-known destination for outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking as well as water sports, fishing, and even lakeside sunbathing.

Santa Monica

Surrounded in three directions by Los Angeles, Santa Monica is a beachfront town with a laid back vibe that offers a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. Apart from its golden sands, Santa Monica has a thriving alternative culture for tourists to explore, including small street murals and art galleries located in the Bergamot Station Arts Center. Numerous great bars, eateries, shops, and hotels are located throughout the town that caters to any budget and type of clientele.

Disneyland Resort

It’s a world of dreams in which you can discover the wilds as well as dive into the sea, journey into space, sail alongside the pirates, hold hands with Goofy, and meet gorgeous fairytale princesses! Disneyland Resort has two theme parks, namely Disneyland Park wherein the 8 “lands” you can be transported to other planets as well as Disney California Adventure where you embark on an adventure in California fashion.

Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway may “just” be a route that allows you to travel from the northern parts of California to another however there’s a reason it’s so famous for its value as a road trip. The scenery that you encounter on the entire length of the Star Memorial Highway is nothing less than stunning. While driving along the highway, you’ll be able to see plenty of great spots to stop at if you would like, which makes it a great choice for a long road trip through California.

Death Valley

There are plenty of interesting and unique locations located in Death Valley. The area’s landscape is not hesitant in presenting an intriguing and breathtaking appearance with rolling hills that glow with the glare of the sun in the most sweltering part of the nation. The Mesquite Sand Dunes are an amazing geological landscape to explore.

Universal Studios Hollywood

In the city’s borders, this is the location of a film studio as well as an amusement park. It is home to amazing attractions that are alive, breathing 3D realms of entertainment, fun, and sometimes even terrifying as well. It is home to the thrilling universe that is Harry Potter, Minion Mayhem Land, and The Walking Dead’s post-apocalyptic universe.

Laguna Beach

The town is situated in a picturesque location along the southern part of California’s Pacific coast, Laguna Beach is a gorgeous place to explore with a Mediterranean style and look. Laguna Beach itself is just as stunning as its numerous artworks. Sands with golden sands and secluded coves form the rugged rock faces that drop down towards the Pacific. Although its numerous trails and paths are ideal for cycling or hiking, the wild waters of the area attract surfers. There is also plenty of amazing diving to be had under the waves.

California Street Cable Car

The California Street Cable Car is the only manually operated cable car in the entire world. It is a symbol in the city of San Francisco and during its peak, there were 23 lines that ran through the city. Today, there are only three lines remaining, and they make wonderful views whenever you visit the city.

McWay Falls

McWay Falls is an 80-foot waterfall which is situated inside Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. It is classified as a tide fall because of its proximity to the ocean. The waterfall was once flowing straight into the ocean, but after a landslide, in the year 1985 the terrain changed and the water now flows to an inaccessible beach.

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