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Digital marketing for dummies

Digital marketing for dummies

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Now here is a quick overview of the things we’ll be covering. Even though feel free and I implore you to go watch back since 2015. I’ve literally been documenting every single thing all the way from sending crappy proposals, signing my first client, to hitting my first 10K month in my agency, hitting my first 100K month in my agency and so on and so forth.

But as I said, there are some negative individuals who I generally don’t have time for, but some people who just don’t have the confidence in themselves to succeed. But if you don’t know what it stands for, it means Digital marketing for dummies.

Now if someone asks you to define what an agency meant right now, you’d probably say a business that delivers a specific service to a client. For example, like a public relations agency. And you’ll be right in saying that. An agency is really just a business that delivers a service on behalf of another company.

Promote your new artists

So let’s say you run a record company and you want to promote your new artists, you will either hire a public relations expert or bring them in-house, to contribute towards their pension.

Now in contrast, if you hire an agency, you can fire them whenever you want, subject to a minimum term in the contract, and you know the exact services. Because they’re dealing hands-on with a wider array of clients.

It’s said because they work with more business types, they’re incentivized to stay up to date know what’s in trend and what’s working regardless of the sort of client that they’re working with.

So put simply an agency is just a business that offers a service to another company so that way they don’t have to hire one or potentially even multiple, multiple people full-time.

The agency model works and it’s extremely profitable. Play a game with me and actually follow along with this. Please, it’s important. I want you to close your eyes. Gently lean your head back. Now take a deep breath.

IAG Media

Now I want you to pluck a name for your agency out of thin air. And if you can’t think of one, here’s a clue. My own agency uses my initials for its name, IAG Media. Keep your eyes closed. Now have a couple more seconds. Think of something abstract or forward-thinking. Got it? Well, there you go. You have an agency.

And don’t listen to anyone who tells you. That starting an agency is any more complex than what you just did. Nearly every country in the world lets you operate as a business without even registering.

When I was 16 and I first started signing clients for Digital marketing for dummies. I wasn’t formally government-registered as a company, didn’t have business bank accounts or this or that. I was just operating as pretty much a contractor, as a sole trader.

Clients paid me into my personal bank account and that was it of course. There are benefits and there is a time and place to formally get registered.

But if you’re watching this video to start a social media Digital marketing for dummies, or more importantly. Just to start making money online from the comfort of your own home, I implore you not to formally register when you first get started.

Instead, I want you to focus on finding client and making money. Because you can restructure and rearrange later down the line.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your first self-limiting belief, and that’s the you’re too young or you’re too inexperienced to be running an agency.

And here’s the extremely funny thing, most agency owners start their agencies. After years of offering their services in the house, or more likely working for another agency.

So it doesn’t take long to get good at something. I’ll show you how inexperience can actually work to your advantage in the agency business. Cool. Now of course, most SMMAs offer, well, social media marketing services. Because it’s not rocket science to deliver and it can offer astronomical results to your clients. And surprise, surprise, that’s what my own agency, IAG Media, offers in the form of Google and Facebook advertising primarily.

And whilst I recommend this to 99% of people starting out, it is important to note that really you can offer any service you want as an agency. Most of the time these are marketing related, like SEO or content creation.

In fact, that’s how my agency first started the first 18 months, which kind of makes sense because it’s IAG Media and we don’t really do any media these days.

Now this is a really simple proposition because your niche is really just the industry or area that you decide to work in.

For instance, my agency works with education or e-commerce businesses, and my friend’s agency works with skincare companies that sell via an e-commerce website.

Examples are agency owners who run ads for real estate agents, gardeners, insurance companies, dentists, barbers, hell, even a landscaping business.

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