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How to Growth Hair Fast

How to best collagen for hair growth

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Introduction: _

Why I don’t have healthy hair? I don’t have long, silky, smooth and shining hair, why? Why I feel shameful to show my hairs to others? How I can improve the growth of my hair? What should I have to do to make my hair beautiful? Ninety out of hundreds of us are asking these questions to ourselves but don’t get answer. Best collagen for hair growth Even we don’t try to get answer instead of finding answer we discourage ourselves. But in this article I will give you reason of hair weakness and trips to control these issues.

Why everyone wants beautiful hair?

Everyone need beauty and everyone wish to become beautiful. Everyone wish to look charming than all of others. If we have to attend some party we wish that everybody should attract to us. Suppose you are going to party, you wear very beautiful and expensive dress, with matching jewelry, take good makeup and wear high heels but your hair are short weak dull and not shining than you will not give as beautiful impression  as with beautiful hairs.so in order to look very beautiful and perfect our hairs also play the role. Male and female both wants beautiful hairs but girls need long silky smooth and shining hair to look perfect.

What are reasons of hair weakness?

As behind every problem there are many reasons in the same way this problem will also has reasons behind itself.

Reasons: _

There are following reasons for it. Lack of concentration and attention. The biggest reasons behind it is lack of healthy foods and diet as all living things need something to live in the same way hairs are also living and they also need something to survive.as if we don’t take water and food we  can’t survive .There are the following thing which hair need to best collagen for hair growth. Use of oil instead good oil to make our hairs healthy and strong.

Use sunflower oil two times in weak or may be more. Make oiling before bath and even make mesa of oil in hair so oil reach in the roots of hair. Tie your hair in band after oiling, wash the hairs with good shampoo. We should eat healthy foods like fruits, dry fruits, meat and milk. The thing which hair need is protein so we should take all things which are full of protein. Now I will give you some tips and tricks to grow your hair fast.

Tips: _

Take  onion quantity depends on your requirement cut it into pieces and then chop onion as onion has high concentration of Sulphur which is necessary for best collagen for best collagen for hair growth and even it makes roots of hair strong. Make paste of onion and withdraw juice and apply it on your hairs do scalping in hairs so it reaches the roots of hair.

Use it two times in weak it will make your hair strong long and shining. Other method is given as take cup of curd and blend it add yolk of egg in curd, add one table spoon of coconut oil or sunflower oil and one lemon juice in it and mix it well. Apply it on your hair excellently and apply it for half an hour and then wash your hair with good shampoo. Make your hair strong long and shining silky and smooth .and if you find smell of it you wash it with shampoo two times and it will gone best collagen for hair growth.

Conclusion: _

Now anybody who wants to improve the growth of his or her must do the trip and I hope you will receive result in few days use it and then tell me results, thank you.

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