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Amazon Prime Day 2022 Sale ?

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Point six, this year, you can unlock an additional $60 in Amazon Prime credits, plus some freebees which I’ll get to in a moment. But for many brands from which you may already be shopping, if you are buying more than $75 of Proctor and gamble products, as an example, you’ll get a $20 Prime Day credit, assuming you already want to buy Cascade, Tide PODS, Bounty, Gillette, Olay or any of the other products they have listed, this $20 credit is your complete advantage. One other Prime Day freebie that really peaked my interest is that Amazon is giving away more than 30 free games beginning on July 13th.

Air Pods

Point seven, many deals we would not typically see on Prime Day will happen this year. This year expect many more deals from major brands including Apple. Aggressively reduced Air Pods, Mac Desktops, Notebooks, iPads and even an unlocked iPhone deal will all be a reality on Amazon Prime Day.

Prime Day purchase

Point eight, you can stack coupons with your Prime Day purchase, and many of these coupons could lower your price up to 70%. If you play the coupon game, which of course I’ll be covering right here on Prime Day. Before I reveal a somewhat hidden section of amazon.com you’ll want on your radar for Prime Day.

Competing stores leading into Prime Day

I’ll be sure to highlight any of those huge legit deals right here that you don’t wanna miss. Before I showcase a Prime Day bonus to possibly make you feel better about where your money goes on Prime Day.

Amazon that’s classified purchase

For any typical purchase you make on Amazon that’s classified as a Prime purchase, you only have 30 days where you are eligible for a return a refund or a replacement. One of the huge benefits to the Amazon renewed guarantee is you get an additional two months to determine whether or not a product is right for you and then you can exchange it or send it back with absolutely no questions asked.

To further ensure you’re actually getting a deal on Prime Day, other than watching me. CamelCamelCamel is a great free resource where you can simply copy and paste an Amazon product page link, where it will analyze all of the price history associated with it and tell you whether or not you’re actually getting a deal.

Small businesses on Amazon Prime

On something like these Oakleys that I would personally never buy because these days, none of my sunglasses cost more than $12. These have a list price of $167 and a price of $85, which appears to be good at a 49% reduction, copy and paste that link into CamelCamelCamel and you’ll learn the average price is $148, so you are in fact getting a great deal.

And now for the Prime Day bonuses, you can still shop made in the USA, small businesses on Amazon Prime Day and learn exactly who’s behind the products you buy. With an updated Prime Day section devoted to the Hardworking Mom-and-Pop Shops in our communities who happen to sell on Amazon rather than just making the Prime Day experience about buying products from massive corporations. It’s also important to note that if you are an Amazon Prime Day credit card holder, you could get an additional 25% back on select purchases on Prime Day. In addition to other rewards and rebates tied to your credit card specifically on Prime Day.

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