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Amazon Prime Day 2022

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

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These are the top 10 things you need to know in the first spot Amazon Prime Day, July 12th and 13th. This two day Black Friday ask event can bring substantial savings if you know how to work the system, which I’ll explain throughout the video. One of the big questions I get is, when does Amazon drop its best deals?

Is the first thing in the morning around 9:00 AM to noon Eastern Standard Time? When everyone on the East Coast heads to work and they’re in front of a computer. Amazon wants to take advantage of that captive audience and showcase many of its best deals and then again, around lunchtime for the East Coast.

When other parts of the country including the West Coast are getting in front of their computers for the first time at work, Amazon will continue to crank out many of the best deals. This year there are also some brand new Prime Day perks which brings you to

Amazon credits

Point two, Amazon will pay you $10 to do what you may already be doing. I’ll explain how you could unlock $60 in free Amazon credits.

Point three, Amazon Prime Day will be very different this year. Just look at the state of the economy and whether you love Amazon or you don’t particularly love Amazon. I’m gonna explain different ways to make this huge savings occasion work for you. But one of the Shopping Cart hack that will benefit you on Prime Day.

If you’re wondering when items will drop in price and how to better prepare yourself, is simply add any item that you are contemplating purchasing to your Shopping Cart, which is what I am doing here. Instead of completing your purchase, save each item for later.

Your Shopping Cart

Then when Prime Day begins, you’ll have all of the items bookmarked essentially for you in your Shopping Cart. And you’ll quickly see whether there’s been an actual price drop. And during these tough times, while a $5,000 surround sound home theater system might not put food on the table.

When it comes to household essentials and grocery items, products for new parents, we’re definitely now buying diapers again in my household. However, if you have a budget that can accommodate some of the bigger ticket items on your wish list.

Best Prime Day deals

 The best sales this year are on smart home products like Robot Vax, Video Doorbells and Cameras, kitchen items like Air Fryers and Nespresso Machines. You’ll also see significant savings on larger tech items. As an example of what Prime Day pricing looks like, like this Toshiba 55-inch TV, 56% off even a 55-inch TV for $299 is not only a reality on Black Friday.

If you’re in the market for a new computer, Prime Day laptop deals reduced by 73% like what you see on my screen right now. Just a hint of what I’ll be showcasing right her if you are subscribed, you’re also welcome to join my insider deal guide texting club list. Just send a text message to 4402982181, that’s my number. I’ll be cross checking prices, and let me hook you up with the best Prime Day deals.

Amazon Prime membership discounts

Point four, you do not need to be a paid Amazon Prime member to shop on Prime Day. And there are some Amazon Prime membership discounts which I’ll discuss in a moment But first, if you are not yet a Prime member you can activate a free 30 day trial which I’ve linked to below.

I do use affiliate links, which means I benefit if you click one of my links, but you will benefit with a free 30 day trial that you can always cancel after Prime Day. If you are a student, not only do you get a free six month trial by signing up right now, but after that, your membership is 50% off. If you are receiving government assistance, your rate is also reduced by 50% after the free 30 day trial.

Amazon Product

Point five, it’s my opinion that you should not buy anything made by Amazon prior to Prime Day, no matter how good those so-called early Prime Day deals happen to look on Amazon products. Many people also don’t realize that Amazon owns many product lines that you might also wanna avoid leading into Prime Day. Blink home security is an example, the Rings Stick Up Cameras and Video Doorbells, this refurbished one, also not a particularly strong deal.

Prime Day itself

And on Prime Day itself, you’ll wanna pay very close attention to the warehouse from which your products ship. One of the more common complaints I hear from shoppers after Prime Day, is they never received what they ordered or they were not able to return it.

Let’s use this Beats Flex wireless earphone early Prime Day deal as an example, it’ll take around one to two weeks to ship from when I order. It’s $33 and chances are by the time Prime Day hits, you can actually get a brand new pair of Beats for roughly the same price that will ship quickly.

Electric Machine

On Prime Day it self-pay very close attention to the shipping origins of any so-called deal that you’re considering. For this All-Clad Electric Pressure Cooker, you’re gonna notice that it ships from a merchant called Abra You Buy Co. USA incorporated, and I’m not trying to pick on these merchants as an example, but for this product that doesn’t have a particularly fast shipping speed.

This relatively recent Amazon merchant only has 67% positive feedback based on six lifetime orders. If you care about your shipping times or that Amazon returns process that many of us appreciate, you’ll wanna ensure there’s that Prime check mark beside the price and that your product actually ships from an Amazon warehouse or an Amazon partner that fulfills their orders through Prime.

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