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Kedarkantha trip

Weather and temperature information for the Kedarkantha trip (season-wise)

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It’s also a fairly easy one and most people who do it will be able to complete it within two days. This means that you can easily fit this hike into your trip if you’re planning on visiting the area around Rishikesh or Delhi.

Summer season in Kedarkantha

Summer is the best time to trek to the top of Kedarkantha. The trail is open and you can easily reach your destination. You will also be able to see snow-capped peaks, flowers, and wildlife in their natural habitat during this season.

The summer season in Kedarkantha is from March to August. The weather is best this month and the temperature ranges between 20-35 degrees Celsius. It rains on an average of 6 days a week during this season.

March is the hottest month with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, whereas April has a temperature range between 24-30 degrees Celsius, May has a temperature range between 25-32 degrees Celsius and June has a temperature range between 27-33 degrees Celsius.

Winter season in Kedarkantha

In the winter season, temperatures range from -15 degrees to -10 degrees. You should be prepared for these conditions when visiting Kedarkantha. The best time to visit is from November to February because of its cool weather and fewer visitors during this period. The temperature can drop suddenly in the evening or early morning hours so you must have warm clothes and a good coat on hand as well as gloves if possible.

Pack light; try not to bring too many items with you because there is no place for them at your campsite or hotel room! It’s always better when traveling light instead of lugging around heavy backpacks full of stuff that doesn’t need taking along with them (unless they were purchased specifically for this trip).

Monsoon season in Kedarkantha

The monsoon season in Kedarkantha is from June to September. The weather is unpredictable, so you should be prepared for any kind of weather condition.

If you are planning a Kedarkantha trek during this time, it would be wise to have an experienced guide who knows what he/she is doing and can take care of your safety during the journey. Avoid going on such hikes if you are not confident about yourself or do not know much about trekking and camping techniques as they can get very dangerous during the rainy season due to landslides or flash floods which may cause injuries or even death if proper precautions aren’t taken by trekkers before embarking on such treks! It’s also important that whenever possible try not to go outside without wearing rain gear as there might be sudden downpours which might ruin your trip plans instantly!

Winter Season in Kedarkantha

The temperature during winter ranges from -10 to -20 degrees, which makes it a good time for trekking. It’s also cold at night so you should be prepared with enough warm clothes and blankets.

The following are the best months to visit Kedarkantha:

October-February (winter)

The trek to the top is a great experience.

If you are looking for a great way to spend time with your family, the Kedarkantha trek is the perfect option. It offers a spectacular view of nature and wildlife, as well as some amazing scenic views of the valley. The trek starts from Kalimath, which is about 3 hours away from Nainital, and ends at Sankri Lake after covering an approximate distance of 17 kilometers (10 miles).

Kedarkantha Trek can be done in two ways: one way by going through the forest and another by taking a road route along with plenty of uphill climbs along with some steeper slopes too! There is no better place than this hill station located at an altitude ranging between 800m – 1500m above sea level where you can enjoy amazing weather throughout the year making it ideal for camping trips during summers but also good enough for winters too!!


The trek to the top is a great experience. It is one of the most challenging treks in Uttarakhand with amazing views of Kedarkantha and surrounding areas. The temperature and weather on this trek are not that different from other areas in Uttrakhand. There are many places where you can stop for lunch or overnight stay along the way. If you want to visit Kedarkantha then this is the best season to do so because there would be less crowd during the winter months than other times of year (Dec-Feb).

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