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Top Nigerian News Websites 2022

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Newspaper publishing is a vibrant and diverse sector in Nigeria. Choosing the right newspaper or news website to meet your needs is difficult because there are more than 100 English-language newspapers in Nigeria, and many more are added each year. We’ve selected news sources that meet our standards in quality, have a high level of accuracy and are frequently up-to-date and are entirely accessible for free. We also hope adding descriptions to every listing will assist our readers in finding their way around the Nigerian publishing industry.

The Top Ten Nigerian Newspapers and Websites

Newspapers online in Nigeria are read by readers. Today, nearly all Nigerian newspaper websites are available so readers can access Nigerian news via a smartphone or computer. Thus, you can visit each Nigerian newspaper listed below and read the information for free if you cannot purchase the traditional newspaper.

Vanguard Newspaper

Nigerian Daily paper Vanguard News publishes news on the latest news as well as the latest news in politics, breaking news, entertainment, romance, and sports. The Vanguard is currently one of Nigeria’s most esteemed publications. It has a long tradition of being Nigeria’s most engaging, exciting, reliable, detailed and welcoming newspaper.

Premium Times

The Nigerian multimedia publication that distributes accurate, up-to-date and reliable information. The best publication in Nigeria for trustworthy, quick breaking news and detailed reports on Nigeria. You can get the latest information from Nigeria and worldwide, including business and weather forecasts, sports news and videos of statements, analyses and opinions by Premium Times.


Cdn-af.feednews.com is a renowned news site in Nigeria. It is your all-in-one source for all your information needs. To view our news article online and learn more, go to Cdn-af.feednews.com.

Cdn-af.feednews.com is the most well-known news site in Nigeria. It’s your all-in-one source for all your informational needs. Visit Cdn-af.feednews.com to browse our news articles online to learn more. The preferences and interests of the audience can be addressed when making articles in various styles. You could decide to read the stories that appeal to you.


Lagos is the home of the nation’s most respected newspaper. Nigerian and international news is brought to our readers first! Please find the latest information about politics, sports entertainment, business and life in Nigeria as it occurs.

This Day Live

Politics, breaking news, business, markets and the arts and sports, community and the intersection of individuals and society are only among the many topics covered by THIS DAY LIVE. It is Nigeria’s top news source and is available across all platforms to Nigeria’s professional, political, business and diplomatic elite and a large middle class. It also functions as an open platform for exchanging new notions, concepts and techniques for the millennial generation and inspiration.

Independent Nigeria

The Independent newspaper in Nigeria is the newspaper that the most powerful and wealthy are the most avid readers of. We are a top-quality energetic, dynamic and financially sustainable newspaper that educates and guide the nation’s current and future economic, political, business and cultural leaders; we inspire and challenge journalists across the country to promote and protect the public interest and deliver superior value to all of our stakeholders.


Nigeria’s oldest newspaper and the most reliable news source can be found in the Nigerian Tribune. For the latest news in business, politics, entertainment commentaries, marriage and other relationships happening in Nigeria, check out Tribune Online.


The WILL News encourages and enhances national dialogue by bringing you the latest news and providing readers and contributors with an opportunity to influence public policy and opinions.

The Gazette

It is believed that the Nigerian paper The Gazette, famed for making history within Nigerian journalistic excellence, appears now on track to replicate the same success in Journalism mentoring. The focus is on Nigeria, the Nigerian society, which is believed to be the most frequent users of the most well-known online platforms for social media across Africa in the present; the internet-based news website has educated over 100 youngsters in writing and evaluating the credibility of social media in news gathering and distribution.

Denton News Online

DentonNews.com serves as a platform for the news business, politics, entertainment, and business for Nigerians that reside within Nigeria and around the world. The importance of balance is in Denton Newspaper approach news gathering, reporting, and dissemination.

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