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Everything you need to know about Stuttering

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People worldwide suffer from speech impediments. However, not everyone tries to get better and speak fluently. The reason for this is that not everyone knows about stammering in detail. If you have ample knowledge about this problem, you would want to get better and avoid many problems that people without treatment will face later in their lives. If you are wondering about how to cure stammering or haklana kaise thik kare  in Hindi, then you need to know everything related to stammering.

Stuttering – What is it?

Stuttering is also referred to as stammering by most people. It is a disorder that affects people’s speech fluency. This disruption in one’s speaking fluency is also referred to as dysfluency.

Most of the prominent stuttering symptoms include word prolongation, repetitions of a particular word, etc. Also, people frequently overuse words such as “uh”, “um”, etc. when making a conversation with another person.

Stuttering often starts at a very young age and thus, should be treated quickly. If it is not treated, then the issue might last an individual’s whole life. Thus, more organizations are working to educate people about stammering so that children having stutter goes through treatment at early ages and get completely cured.

Still, it is difficult to pinpoint what causes an individual to stutter; however, recent studies indicate that it might be due to emotional events that one goes through or it may be due to genetics. In addition, it shows that stuttering is more common among boys but there is no link between intelligence and stuttering.

4 significant signs of stammering

If you are wondering how to cure stammering, then you need to know about the symptoms first. These symptoms will allow people to understand whether a person suffers from stammering and requires treatment to cure it. The symptoms consist of:

  1. Hesitating involuntarily when speaking; especially between specific words when speaking
  2. Constant repeating of word sounds or a few particular words when conversing with another person
  3. Clear signs of anxiety and struggle when an individual tries to speak fluently with others
  4. Avoiding words that might be difficult for him/her to pronounce during a conversation

These are the telltale signs of a person that suffers from stuttering. If you or anyone you know shows these signs, it means they suffer from a stammering problem and needs treatment.

Treatment available for stammering

There are several methods to get better and speak fluently. It is ideal for people to start their therapy at a small age to get better quickly. Some of the most common treatments comprise:

  • Speech therapy (the most effective way to treat stuttering)
  • Electronic devices (helps with speech rate and fluency using devices)
  • Cognitive therapy (making people think positively about stammering and overcoming it)

These are the standard options available for people to choose from. However, opt for speech therapy as it sees the highest rate of success in this field.

Now that you are aware of things related to stuttering, ensure to start the treatment quickly. It will help you or your loved ones to get rid of speech impediments and lead a better life!

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