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Finding the Right Eyeglasses

6 Tips for Finding the Right Eyeglasses That Make You Feel Comfortable

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You know the feeling: It’s the middle of the afternoon and you haven’t had a chance to put on your contacts. You spot a pair of cool glasses in the shop window or maybe see something online that takes your breath away. You need new eyeglasses and now. And so, you wander from store to store, leaving disinterested faces behind you with every passing second as you keep dancing from one end of the mall to another in hopes that one of them might have just what you’re looking for. 

Your eyes grow tired, your patience begins to wane, and before you know it: You’ve found yourself back at square one once again. It doesn’t have to be this way; not with eyeglasses. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to finding your perfect pair of frames. Whether you’re looking for something classic or trendy, large or small, there is a style for everyone. Here are six tips for finding the right eyeglasses that make you feel comfortable and look better than ever:

Know your style

Let’s face it, when most people are choosing an outfit for the day, they’re not really thinking about how they’ll look in that outfit. They’re thinking more about how they’ll feel in the outfit. It’s the same with eyeglasses; you want to choose a style that makes you feel confident, badass, or stylish. It’s not just about looking good: 

It’s also about how you feel when you put those glasses on. If you’re feeling cute and dainty, but your eyeglasses are oversized and bulky, you’ll feel like an impostor in your new threads. If you’re feeling strong, but your glasses are delicate and breakable, you’ll feel vulnerable and unsure of yourself when you need to be most assured.

Play with colours and shapes

As you’re selecting your pair of frames, take a look at the colours and shapes available. You can always go for something classic and timeless, like tortoiseshell or black frames, but if you’re feeling brave and adventurous, why not try something more modern or trendy? You might be surprised at how much more you can do with your new frames if you choose something with a little more flair. Go bold with colours, try out new shapes, or just add a little something extra with metal accents or lens designs. You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to adding some flare to your glasses. 

You can try out bold colours and bright patterns, geometric shapes and more. If you’re not sure where to start, look to what other people in your social media feed are wearing. 

Plenty of the eyeglasses you see posted on Instagram and Facebook are ones that others are trying out and posting about. You can see what styles are popular, what people are wearing, and what looks are trending. This will give you a good starting point for your new pair of frames.

Examine the frame

Picking out your new pair of glasses is only the first step. After you’ve found the perfect pair, you need to take a look at the frame. While the lenses are the most important part of the eyeglasses, the frame is what holds the lenses in place. 

It’s the frame that determines the look of the entire ensemble. You want a frame that is durable, lightweight, and comfortable. If you’re trying glasses on in a store or while at home, pick up the pair that feels the best in your hand. 

When you’re sure that’s the frame you want, ask the salesperson to help you examine the frame to see if it’s durable, lightweight, and comfortable. If you can’t pick it up, but it feels good when you place it on your face, they may have you looking at something that’s not durable or comfortable enough.

Consider weight and durability

When you’ve picked out your frame, you also want to think about the weight and durability of the and also Best Buy Hacks for glasses. Durability is a factor that you want to look for in both your frame and the lenses. 

You don’t want your frame to break or your lenses to shatter after just a few months of wear. You also want your frame to be durable and lightweight. Durable frames are made to be extremely durable, lightweight frames are thinner and lighter than their heavier counterparts. 

If your frames feel too heavy for your liking or if the lenses feel too delicate for the frame, you’ll end up wearing them less and less as time goes on because they feel like a burden.

 Ask for a pair of sunglasses as well

If you’re not particularly fond of the colours or shapes that are available to you, don’t rule anything out just yet; you can always ask the salesperson to help you pick out a pair of sunglasses as well. 

Sunglasses are an excellent addition to any frame, especially if you’re worried about the durability of your frame. Sunglasses can be made of lighter materials, so they’re not as likely to break as quickly as frames are. 

They can also be made of different materials than your eyeglasses model, so they end up looking like a completely different outfit all on their own. If you pick out a pair of sunglasses that complement your new frames, you’ll have a virtually maintenance-free, stylish, and durable set of sunglasses that you can wear anywhere, anytime.

 Take your time, but don’t wait too long

Finally, don’t wait too long to pick out your new pair of glasses. You want to find the perfect pair as soon as possible, not weeks or months later. If you wait too long, you’ll likely find yourself in the same spot again, wandering from store to store, looking for a pair that feels right. And when you do find one, 

you’ll likely be disappointed because you’ve waited so long to find them. Instead, keep your eyes open for the perfect pair as soon as you can. Remember, there are plenty of styles to choose from, so you should be able to find the perfect pair very quickly. And if you do end up waiting to pick out a new pair, keep these six tips in mind as you shop.

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