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Top treks to do near Ladakh

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to Ladakh can enjoy some wonderful and exciting trekking opportunities. For those seeking an epic journey in the midst of mountain ranges and highs, this HiTourists malayan region is a sanctuary. In Ladakh, there are several hiking choices ranging in complexity and length. Some hikes take two weeks to complete, while others may be accomplished in three days or less. Regardless, any of these trips will provide you with lifelong experiences. A simple trip is recommended for first-timers and families travelling with children, while those seeking a more demanding adventure can go for a long journey that crosses numerous passes over 5000 metres and even attempts the summit of a 6000-meter mountain.

Markha Valley trek

The most famous trek in Ladakh is the Markha valley trek within Hemis National Park. The Markha valley is squeezed between the snow-capped Stok Kangri mountain to the north and the Zanskar mountain to the south, running parallel to the Indus river valley. Stunning mountain landscapes, feral creatures, and little isolated towns surrounded by lush barley crops await you on this journey. You will get the option to stay in these communities’ homestays and learn about the local lifestyle and culture. Based on the beginning site, the trip takes 6 to 8 days to finish. The Markha valley is accessible via two pathways: one from Spituk and another from Chilling. The hike from Spituk is the most challenging. Before entering Hemis, the journey goes via two passes: Ganda La (4961m) as well as Kongmaru La (5260m). Individuals that don’t have enough leisure or want to bypass the Ganda La pass can begin their journey in Chilling, which is a much simpler and quicker route.

Nubra Valley trek

The Indus Valley and the Nubra Valley are linked via the journey from Phyang to Hunder. It traces a historic commercial route that ran from India to Central Asia as remnants of the ancient Silk Road system. The Lasermo La pass (5438m), which is coated in snow and ice including in summer, is the tallest peak on this off-the-beaten-path trip. A beautiful vista of the Karakoram mountains can be seen from the pass. This walk takes 5 days to complete. Following the hike, you will explore the Nubra Valley’s principal attractions. At the Hunder sand dunes, you’ll be able to ride a double-humped Bactrian camel as well as marvel at the 32-meter tall sculpture of the Maitreya Buddha at Diskit monastery. After that, you’ll return to Leh over the Khardung La pass.

Rumtse to Tsomoriri trek

It is one of Ladakh‘s most gorgeous and adventurous hikes. This week-long trip takes you across Changthang’s high-altitude plateau (Rupshu). The region offers unique scenery, and you’ll pass over 6 passes over 5000 meters to witness peaks of various colors and patterns. Despite being a freezing desert, Ladakh has several lovely lakes to offer visitors. You will get the opportunity to see the beautiful Tso Kar as well as Tso Moriri lakes on your journey. As a result, it is critical to be well acclimatized to the elevation prior to beginning the journey. With their flocks of pashmina goats as well as yaks, the Changpa nomads reside on the Changthang highland. They move 8 to 10 times per year, and the site of their camp is never known for sure. If you’re lucky, you’ll run across the nomads someone along the trail and be asked to have butter tea within their yak wool tent. Korzok, the region’s largest village, is the Changpa’s major community.

Sham Valley trek

The Sham valley walk is sometimes referred to as the “baby trek” because of its ease. However, there is no question that the journey provides hikers with some breathtaking vistas. This is the trip for you if you’re searching for a simple hike that your kids will enjoy. It never exceeds 4000 meters and may be completed at any time of year. The trip travels through a number of tiny settlements where you may stop in homestays and sample real local cuisine cooked by the local people. During and after the trek, you can visit some old and renowned monasteries in Likir, Rizong, Temisgam, Basgo, as well as Alchi.

Stok Kangri trek

The Stok Kangri peak is a great place to start climbing in the Himalayas if you’re trying to break beyond the 6000-meter barrier. Climbers must utilize full mountaineering equipment, including crampons, axes, ropes, and so on, even if the peak is not technically difficult. During the acclimatization day at base camp, the excursion guide will provide a brief overview of how to utilize the gear.

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