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The Best Monitor for call of Duty

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Choosing the right monitor to play your favorite video games on can be an important and tricky decision. Everyone has their preferences, whether it’s the size of the screen or how good the graphics are but choosing the right monitor for your specific needs can be tricky. If you’re looking to play Call of Duty, here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing your new monitor!

Considerations when buying a monitor

If you’re thinking about buying a new monitor, here are some things to consider. Most monitors come with built-in speakers that are good enough for watching videos and listening to music but leave a lot to be desired if you want to listen to music or play games. If you don’t have external speakers, then it makes sense to buy a decent pair separately. Gaming headphones are another consideration as well; if you can hear your heart pounding while playing Call of Duty, you might need new ones! Also, you should think about whether you want an IPS display (often preferred by graphic designers) or a TN display (often preferred by gamers). Finally, make sure to check out our review section before making any purchase decisions—we’ve tested hundreds of monitors and laptops over the years.

The Best Monitors for Call of Duty

We’ve all been there, sitting in a dimly lit room on a computer that is throwing everything but our opponent out of focus. Trying to spot their movement is nearly impossible and we usually find ourselves dying repeatedly at night. Our vision becomes blurry, our eyes hurt and overall, it just makes gaming not fun. But what can we do? After all, the best monitor for Call of Duty (or any game) will give us an edge and make sure we have every chance to win!

TN vs IPS vs VA (Gaming)

TN panels have faster response times, which is good for gaming. They’re also ideal if you’re only going to be using your laptop as a casual computing device—like if you take it on vacation but don’t use it every day. TN panels are also cheaper than their IPS and VA counterparts, but that comes at a cost: TN displays typically have much lower color accuracy and contrast ratios than other panel types. If you want a great-looking display with accurate colors and high brightness levels, then an IPS or VA panel will serve you better. If all you care about is performance in fast-paced games like Call of Duty or Counterstrike, then go with a TN display. TN panels are available in resolutions up to 4K, while both IPS and VA panels top out at 1080p.

1440p 144Hz (TN Panel)

How to Choose a Gaming Monitor – Which Gaming laptop is the best and why? Choosing a gaming monitor can be intimidating. There are thousands of choices, ranging from $100 all-in-ones to $5,000 monstrosities. At that point, which one is right for you? The Acer XB270HU is easily one of our favorite 1440p monitors in 2017, featuring G-Sync and great color quality on a speedy TN panel. If you’re looking for something more affordable, however, there’s also an IPS version available. And if those two aren’t enough for you, we’ve included a few other options at different price points.

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